Screenshot On PC Windows, XP, 7, 10, Mac, OS X

Screenshot On PC Windows, XP, 7, 10, Mac, OS X


Screenshot on PC?

Screenshot on PC Windows detail is provided in detail. The need to take a screenshot on PC can arise often whether you are a professional photographer or just working on a PC. Usually people make use of screen shots to send to technical support when they are having some issue or sending a client details about a project, and last but not least, proof of online payment.


Whatever is your requirement you can take a screenshot on PC Windows and Mac.


In this article, we will find out how you can take the screenshot on PC?


How to Take a screenshot on a PC Windows 


Method 1


The first method to take screenshot on PC is commonly used. Some of you who use have been using a PC for a decade now, might already beware of it. Nevertheless we have mentioned it here in this article for those who are new to a computer system and are aware of it. This method can be used for Windows 10 and 8 operating systems.

Print Screen on Windows
Print Screen on Windows

You need to simply press the keys Win and PrtScn simultaneously. If you have pressed the keys correctly, then you will notice the screen dimming. The screenshots can be then be accessed by going to folders of the File Explorer, Pictures, and Screenshots.


Using the snipping tool

Screenshot on Windows By using                                   snipping Tool

Both the Windows 7 and Windows Vista have a powerful screen capturing tool known as the snipping tool. You will want to click on the “start” button, then “All Programs” button, then “Accessories” button, and then on the “Snipping Tool” button. You need to then click on the down arrow which is near the “New” button and then choose your snipping type.


When you want to highlight areas on your screenshot, use the pen buttons which can be found in the menu.


Take a screenshot on Mac OS X

Screenshot on Mac

Those who own a Mac OS X can easily make use of the built-in screen shot functionality. When you press the key combinations, you can hear a click noise and the screenshot is saved as PNG file to your desktop. When you want to capture an area of your screen, you need to press Cmd+Shift+4.

What is a snipping tool?

Screenshot on Mac
Screenshot on Mac

how to take screenshot on pc without print screen? A snipping tool can be used to take a screenshot on PC Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and similar operating systems. When you do not require a high-powered screen capture tool, this one would do. Using it, you can capture the whole screen, user-specified capture areas, and individual windows. But, it does not come with advanced features.

Some of the best snipping tools?


If you are somebody who uses snipping tools often or require it, then knowing some of the best snipping tools which can be used on your PC would be very helpful. Perhaps, you may be a professional photographer or take images as a hobby. Whatever the reason, snipping tools are extremely useful.


We have listed some of the best tools which are available in the market today. The Snipping tool which is present on the Windows PC is usually free. You can get screenshot on operating systems which include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 10. It also comes with simple editing features.


Another of the snipping tools is FastStone Capture which can be used on Windows and costs only $20. Using this snipping tool, you can capture several multi-level menus, Windows, and regions. You can set it automatically which will then prompt for a caption. You can also make use of Jing which is another snipping tool which can be used for Windows/Mac and is free of cost.


You must install Jing and then set up an account at, YouTube account, or Flickr account. You can also upgrade to Jing Pro which costs $15 per year and comes with features that include to Flash and the ability to record your screen shots in the MPEG format. You also have Skitch which can be used on Apple Mac and is free to use.


It can not only capture your screen, but draw on it, annotate it, with graphics, and share them online. Lastly there is Snagit another snipping tool which can be used on Windows systems for a yearly fee of $50. Don’t see the cost. With this amazing snipping tool, you can easily take images from a video.


You can also make use of the built in editor to adding basic effects and annotate your screen shots.


Things to know


For those of you who are new to a PC, laptop, or device, you will need to know some keys, terms, and methods which are commonly used when operating a system. Knowing them will make life easier the next time you plan on taking a screenshot on your PC. You will want to know that it is easy, fun, and simple.


What versions of Windows include the snipping tool?


The snipping tool can be used on all versions of Windows including Windows 7, Server 2012, Vista, 8, 10, and Server 2008. The Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter editions are not used.


How to create arrows and circles after capturing a screenshot?


When you have captured your screenshot you need to load the screenshot on photo editing software which can be MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and Picasa, to then edit your photo. This helps you to draw circles and arrows on your screenshot. When you are done editing then you can save the picture.


Where can you find the print screen key?


Print Screen Button

The print screen key can be found in the first row on the keyboard of your PC. It is present between the keys scroll lock and F12. To use the print screen you should press Fn key which is also known as the function key. In some cases, there might not be the print screen key, in these cases you will want to make use of the on-screen keyboard.


Where are your screenshots saved?


The screenshots on a Windows PC are saved in the default location where all the images and screen shots are kept, in the pictures folder. But when you have saved your screen shots using the Snipping tool or MS Paint, then it will be saved based on the location you have selected. You can then view the images and screen shots after going to that location.


Where is the screenshot button on an Apple Mac book?


You can find the screenshot button next to F12 and just directly above the backspace button.


How to combine screenshots to post all at once?


You can use MS Paint to view your screenshots resize it and then keep another screen shot on the original screen shot. The same can be done when using a snipping tool.


Hope you found this article on how to capture the screenshot on PC useful and enjoyable.