How to Take a Screenshot Using Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch in Windows 10?

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What Is Snip & Sketch?

If you just upgraded to Windows 10 and have used the Windows Snipping Tool often, you will be glad (or sad) to find that it has now been replaced with its predecessor – the Snip & Sketch. However, if you have the version 1809 of Windows 10, you will have access to both these tools.

With their 2018 update, Windows 10 decided to modernize its screenshot features. Snip & Sketch was originally launched as a component of the Windows Ink Workspace but was named ‘Screen Sketch’ back then. Since its introduction, Snip & Sketch has had 4 updates, and, as its name suggests, it is a combination of the classic Snipping Tool and the Screen Sketch.

In a nutshell, the latest update – version 10.1901.10521.0 lets Windows 10 users create, annotate, save, and share screenshots with more features and a more complex user interface.

How to Access Snip and Sketch?

The simplest method of checking whether you already have the Snip & Sketch is by opening your Start Menu and searching for ‘Snip & Sketch.’ If you see it in your top results, you can go right ahead and start using it.

Search Snip & Sketch Start Menu

Another method of checking also happens to be a shortcut for taking a quick screenshot. Press the Windows Key + Shift + S on your keyboard, and this should bring up the application’s snipping toolbar. When this opens, you can get right to snipping a rectangle, a freeform, or a full-screen capture.

Snip and Sketch Clip Options.

Additionally, the Snip & Sketch app also shows up on your Windows 10 taskbar. This feature was not available for Screen Sketch, and all you need to do to access it is to press Alt + Tab to multi-task. You will also have the option to set the size of the window while the app allows you to access multiple windows.

Finally, if you have Surface Pen for your Windows, you can start screen snipping with just one click. If you click your pen, the application will be launched automatically.

How to Download and Install Snip & Sketch (If Your Current Version of Windows Does Not Have One)

To upgrade to Snip & Sketch, you could either click on the ‘Try Snip & Sketch” button at the bottom of the message in your Snipping Tool or download it from the Microsoft website directly.

If you are downloading the application from the Microsoft website, click on the blue ‘Get’ button and sign in to your Microsoft Account to allow the download to begin. If you have the Microsoft security key, you could also use it to sign in.

Once the download has completed, you will be able to access Snip & Sketch in your Start Menu.

Uses of Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch allows users to take screenshots of any part of your screen without any hassle. Of course, there are far more progressive screenshot applications available on Chrome Store, but this application is helpful for anyone who prefers taking screenshots with the Snipping Tool. Snip & Stretch can be used to:

  • Taking Snippets (cropped screenshots)
  • Save screenshots of online forms as a security blanket
  • Report bugs or educate people on bug fixes
  • Copy snippets or annotate screenshots directly to MS Office software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Creating .jpg images for your social media accounts
  • Adding depth to a presentation with screenshots
  • Converting PDF files to JPGs

How to Use Snip & Sketch

Whichever method you use to access Snip & Sketch, you will be able to take 3 screenshots. These include (from left to right) the Rectangular Snip, Free Form, and the Entire Screen. Also, you can take a screenshot with the help of a timer. This seems to miss out on the Window Snip feature in the Snipping Tool.

Rectangular Snip/Clip

If you’re taking a screenshot via the application, you will first click on the New button on the top left corner of your screen.

Blank New Snip and Sketch Application

Proceed by clicking on ‘Snip Now’ and then choosing a rectangular snip.

Rectangular Snip/Clip

Next, you can right-click on any corner of your screen, drag your mouse down, and let go off the mouse button to capture your screenshot. Once your screenshot has been taken, a notification window will pop-up letting you know your screenshot has been saved to the clipboard where you can begin editing.

Free Form Snip/Clip

Free Form Snip/Clip

If you click on the 2nd button, you can draw on whatever part of your screen you would like to take a screenshot of. To do so, right-click on the topmost (optional) part of your screen and begin dragging the cursor in a free shape till the line meets where you started. Once you let go of your click, your screenshot will be copied onto the clipboard.

Entire Screen Snip/Clip

Full Screen Snip/Clip

If you click on the 3rd button, the application will capture your entire screen. When a notification pops up at the bottom right corner of your screen, you will open the editor to mark up your screenshot or get the right to sharing it across the list of options.

Delay Timer

Snip and Sketch Delay Option

To use the Delay Timer, click on the downward-facing arrow and then click on either Snip in 3 seconds or Snip in 10 seconds. Clicking on either option will allow you to take a screenshot of menus that would collapse when you click on the other snipping options. When the Delay Timer has taken a screenshot, a notification will show you that your screenshot was saved to the clipboard.

Use Your Finger or Stylus to Edit

Now that you have taken screenshots using any of the features mentioned above, you can move onto modifying them. If you open the notification window or the application screen, you will see your screenshot with a toolbar displaying 7 annotating options. The first option from the left is the Touch Writing tool, and it allows you to make edits via touchscreen or your stylus.

Snip and Sketch Edit

Use Your Mouse for a Ball Point Pen, Pencil, Highlighter or Eraser

The next 4 tools on the toolbar are drawing tools that can be controlled with your mouse. Your first tool is the ballpoint pen, and clicking on it will open a menu with 2 customizable options. You could either pick from a wide variety of colors or pick the size of your pen’s tip. As you toggle the size of the tip, the window will also display an example of what it would look like over your screenshot.

Next, the Pencil tool lets you draw over your screenshot in a similar manner but without the customizable colors and tips. This tool is followed by the Highlighter tool, which is exactly how it was in the classic Snipping Tool.

Finally, if you would like to Undo your edits, you can either use your Eraser tool or the Undo tool further on the left of the toolbar.


The Ruler tool is an interesting upgrade from the Snipping Tool. If you wish to draw a straight line over your screenshot, place the ruler anywhere over your screen and then drag your mouse on any of its 4 sides. The application will automatically draw a perfectly straight line wherever you want.


This second ruler tool can also be accessed by clicking on the ruler icon on your screen. After clicking on the Protractor icon, you will be able to position the on-screen protractor wherever you want over your screenshot. This tool can be used to draw a perfect arc or a circle over your screenshot.

To turn either of the two ruler options off, just click on the Ruler button again and select whichever you want to turn off.

Crop Image

Right next to the Ruler button is the crop button, which allows you to further crop your screenshots. When you’re done making a rectangular selection, click the Tick on the right to return to the editor.

Where are the Snip & Sketch Screenshots Saved?

When you’re done editing your screenshot, click on the Floppy Disk icon on the right of the toolbar. You can then name your image, choose between JPG, PNG, or GIF formats and choose a saving destination for your file.

Snip & Sketch vs. Snipping Tool

Right off the bat, the Snip & Stretch tool definitely is an improvement when compared to its predecessor. Let’s compare both of these applications’ features to see what’s new and what’s not:

Snip & SketchSnipping Tool
Take a quick Screen Snip from the Windows 10 Action Center or with Windows Button + Shift + STake snips via the application
You can use your PrtScn key to take snips directlyNo shortcuts to take quick screenshots
A diverse range of annotating toolsVery limited annotating tools
Share your snips across social media platforms, Cortana Reminders, online storage, and emailShare your snips via email
Ruler and Protractor tools for accurate drawings
Crop screenshots
Take snips of individual windows

In summary, the Snip & Sketch application has no new snipping features but a few helpful additions so users can edit their screenshots better. Also, your screenshots can now be shared across a wider range of platforms, like OneDrive, Cortana Reminders, Box, Messenger, and more.

Review Summary

It isn’t quite clear whether the Snip & Sketch upgrade is good or bad news for Windows 10 users. However, either way, this new application offers a better UI with more complex annotating tools for personal and commercial use. What’s more, the Windows key + Shift + S shortcut makes taking screenshots so much easier – not to mention that it also looks really cool! Of course, tech-savvy users will still prefer upgrading to the likes of ShareX and Snagit.

Ease of Use★★★★★
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