MWSnap Review (2022): Screenshot Tool

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What is MWSnap?

MWSnap is among the oldest screenshot apps since its first public version was released in 2001. This small and simple tool had been developed by Mirek Wojtowicz, who also created 7 other programs for various Windows functions.

The latest release version ( was finalized in 2002, and it was capable of capturing a free or fixed rectangular part of the screen, the whole desktop, an active menu, and highlighted window. MWSnap was made to handle 5 of the most popular graphical formats and also consists of a couple of graphical tools, which include a windows spy, a color picker, a ruler, and a zoom tool. MWSnap can also be used as a fast picture converter or viewer.

You will find that MWSnap is completely free for both – commercial and non-commercial use, and they can also be easily transferred to external storage devices. To test this screenshot application for yourself, you can either download it from Mirek’s free software site or use an alternative website that allows freeware software downloads such as CNET (preferred,  since it appears Mirek’s website has not been updated since 2006!).

How to Install MWSnap?

We have used Mirek’s free software site to install MWSnap.

Once you have visited Mirek’s free software site, you will find 5 download links for MWSnap’s version 3.00 (as shown below). The first 2 download links will download the full version. The next 2 links will download it as a ZIP file while the last link will download an add-on that features all the languages missing in the original software.

Also, you can download MWSnap without worrying that it will ruin your system because it doesn’t require any special files, drivers, or special DLL files to run.

After clicking on the download link, MWSnap will download onto your computer in a matter of seconds since it is a very small file. Clicking on the downloaded file in your browser will open the installation window prompting you to pick a language.

The installation process can be completed in just 3 clicks. When you click ‘Finish,’ you will be able to access the application from your Start menu and your taskbar. Also, an icon will appear on your desktop too.

When you open the software using either of these 3 methods, a window will pop-up asking you for your preferred language.

When you’ve chosen your desired language, click on ‘OK,’ and this will open MWSnap’s simple user interface.

Uses of MWSnap

MWSnap may lack the innovative features of some new screenshot applications and extensions, but it can be used for screenshot purposes nonetheless. MWSnap is a great tool for the following purposes:

  • Educational tool at schools
  • Content for application-based team training
  • Onboarding new clients with screenshots
  • Producing feature-specific content
  • Simple and effective solution for daily meetings
  • Effective capture and reporting of bugs or fixes
  • Capturing data for personal use
  • Printing screenshots instantaneously

This freeware is quite convenient because it is very easy to understand, and snapping your screen should take no more than 1 to 3 clicks. Also, since the software has an auto print feature, your project, whatever it may be, could be simplified. However, you should keep in mind that there are many powerful alternatives out there with far more features.

How to Use MWSnap

MWSnap’s user interface is very simple to understand. The menu bar on the left has all 5 of the software’s snapping modes. Right at the top is a menubar, just like any other Windows application. Underneath this menubar is a toolbar that consists of an assortment of buttons, which include one-click snapshot commands, miscellaneous tools, or direct print options.

Snap Fixed Rectangle

This is the first snapshot option, and clicking on it displays 2 toggle windows to set the dimensions of the rectangle you will use for your screenshot.

You could also click on the ‘Snap Fixed Rectangle’ icon in the toolbar to do the same. Also, the drop-down menu next to this button will let you choose from a list of preset dimensions (as shown below).

When you’re done setting the dimensions, you can click on ‘Snap Fixed Rectangle’. This will minimize the application, and you can click on whichever part of the screen you want to capture. Depicted below is the preset 32×32 rectangle with a window displaying a zoomed image of your selection.

When you right-click on the desired image on your screen, you will hear a sound effect, and the main interface will appear again with your screenshot.

If you aren’t satisfied with your screenshot, you can get right back to taking another, and you don’t have to do anything to refresh the interface. The image below shows you what a 100×100 rectangle looks like.

MWSnap also gives you the option of measuring items on your screen with the ruler tool in your toolbar. You can click on the white circle on the ruler to rotate or flip it vertically or horizontally.

Any Rectangular Area

Naturally, determining the dimensions of your screenshot is tough, which is why MWSnap has this next option.

To freely choose which area of the screen you wish to capture, click on the ‘Any rect. Area’ button and then click on ‘Snap any area.’ Again, the MWSnap window will disappear and let you drag to select any rectangular area of your screen.

When you are done selecting, right-click your mouse, and a sound effect will let you know that your screenshot has been taken. The MWSnap interface will pop-up again with your screenshot.

Snap Window/Menu

While some people prefer having the menu bar in their screenshots, others don’t. Either way, if you would like to take a screenshot of any open window with or without the menu bar, click on the ‘Window/menu’ button, and then click ‘Snap window/menu.’

When the MWSnap interface disappears, pay attention to the borders of the window you are trying to capture. You will see a blue and black checkered border all around your screen with red and black checkers underneath the menu bar. If you right click your mouse, a screenshot of the window will be taken.

However, if you want the menu bar as well, you should follow the same steps and drag your mouse to the top of the screen till you see the whole window selected with blue and black checkers.

Capture Full Desktop

If you click on ‘Full desktop’ and click ‘snap full desktop’…   

…MWSnap will capture your entire screen.

Repeat Last

Let say our last screenshot was with ‘Any Rectangular Area,’ and we captured the middle of a window. Clicking ‘Repeat last’ will do the same on any other window you may be on.


MWSnap’s settings aren’t very complex and are all divided neatly according to functions. Shown below is the delayed screenshot timer option, among other snapping options.

You could also change the sound effects of your screenshots.


If you take screenshots or use tools quickly, you could set your own commands.


MWSnap doesn’t have many editing options, and the only 3 options it offers are to rotate your screenshot, add frames, or to add many types of cursor stickers to your screenshots.

When you’re done, you could either save your work by clicking on the floppy disk or print your screenshot. The toolbar also has an auto-saving and auto-printing option.

MWSnap Comparison and Alternatives

As we mentioned before in our review, MWSnap has many screen-capturing alternatives available on the internet. While it may not be true for most cases, reviewers believe Snagit is the most powerful tool in this category – which is why we are going to include it in our comparison. Also, we would like to compare MWSnap with the Windows Snipping Tool because it seems to be the most basic.

MWSnapSnagitSnipping Tool
Only captures still imagesCaptures still images as well as record videosOnly captures still images
You can only add cursors and borders to your screenshotsYou can edit and annotate the captured shotsCan highlight and use a free-hand marking on the still images
Free applicationPaid application with a free trial versionWindows built-in tool
Can grab the text in an editable form
Can capture both horizontally and vertically scrolling windows
Easy to use but with limited optionsThe video capturing feature can be a bit confusing for someEasy to use with very limited options
Simple, but uninspired user interfaceGreat user interfaceSimple user interface
You can only print your screenshotsYou can share your work across a number of platforms You can only share screenshots via email

Naturally, Snagit comes out as the best in this comparison, but now you may also have an idea of how far behind MWSnap really is. In comparison, the Windows Snipping Tool has a minimalistic user interface but still offers about 70% of MWSnaps’ features. Our verdict: MWSnap is outdated.

Pricing of MWSnap

MWSnap can be downloaded and used completely free, but you can donate for its future development and product features via PayPal.


MWSnap was released as a simple Windows tool that can take snapshots of your screen in 5 different modes. It remained a useful tool for Windows 95, 95, ME, NT 31, 2000, and XP. However, for the versions after this, there are quite a few better alternatives – both in the form of freeware and freemium software.

Ease of Use★★★★
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