Screenpresso Review (2022): Download Free Screen Capture Tool

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What is Screenpresso?

Screenpresso is an all-in-one screen-capturing tool for Windows that lets you capture stills and record videos on your Windows devices. It also features a helpful editor where you can revise and modify the taken screenshots for presentations, guides, and other work-related assignments.

Screenpresso is developed by a French company Learnplus SAS. Since its launch, the developer has released four versions of this third-party screenshot application. It works on all 64-bit Windows versions. Screenpresso is one of the few external screenshot tools that also come in a portable version and Chrome extension.

In comparison to its features and peer software applications, Screenpresso is a lightweight program that runs on any device without overwhelming its storage and processing speed. Screenpresso comes in both free and paid versions. You can download the latest version here.

How to Install Screenpresso?

You can easily download the latest free version of Screenpresso from its website. When you open the home page of Screenpresso, the above top menu is shown.

Click on the Download tab, and you will end up on the below window.  If you are an individual user looking for a free Screenpresso version, click on the red download tab, and it will install an 11.63 MB file on your device.

This file has a unique property; it can install the program on your device and serve as a portable version of Screenpresso.

Click on the above file and run it on your device.

Once you click On Run, you will be moved to this window. Here, you have to accept the Software License Agreement to use the program. As you can see, you get two options to run the program. You can either install it on your device or run it as a portable application without installation.

If you choose Start without Installing, the program will open directly, and you can proceed with using Screenpresso to take screenshots and record screen. However, this will require you to go through the license agreement process whenever you want to use the application. So, it is better to install Screenpresso on your device.

It will only occupy 19.2 MB size on your drive. When you click on INSTALL on this computer, the program is quickly installed on this path.


As soon as the installation ends, a Start Menu and taskbar shortcuts of the program are created. Also, Screenpresso overtakes the function of the Print Screen key upon installation.

Uses of Screenpresso

Screenpresso offers more utility than any regular third-party screen-capturing tool due to its additional feature of screen-recording. You can use Screenpresso for:

  • Taking screenshots and then prepare them with labeling and annotation for presentations
  • Taking screenshots and adding comments for streamlining internal correspondences
  • Recording the screen to grab video of the process being displayed on the device

How to Use Screenpresso (Quick Tutorial)

You can press the Print Screen key or click on the encircled icon in the taskbar to open the Screenpresso application.

When you open the Screenpresso application from the Start menu or click on its icon in the bottom-right taskbar, the above window will open, called workspace. The developers have kept this window as basic as possible while making sure you can use all Screenpresso features from the same window.  Capture, Edit, and Publish are the main features of the program, and all of them are available in the bottom horizontal menu.

When you click on Capture, you get two options to choose from: Screenshot Region and Record Video.

The Screenshot Region gives you further options in its drop-down menu. You can use Screenshot Region to take regional screenshots, full-screen screenshots, and screenshot using auto-scroll (a twisted version of scrolling window screenshot). You can also use a 3-second delay from the Screenshot Region’s drop-down menu.

Screenpresso also offers QR code decoding, OCR text grabbing, and color code picking on the same menu. However, you will need to buy the paid version to use these three features. The Record Video Drop-down menu allows you to record the video of a window or its region. When you use any of these features for the first time, you will see a step-by-step guide in the Screenpresso’s working window.  If you don’t want to use this guide in the future, you can uncheck the relevant option from the dialog box appearing at the bottom.

When you take the screenshot, it starts appearing in the Workspace.

Now, you can select the image and use the Edit and Publish features of Screenpresso. Let’s see how to use them one at a time.

Note: When Screenpresso is running in the background, its Screenshot Region and Record Video options are readily available through an almost invisible drop-down menu appearing on the top and center part of the screen. You can move this menu to any part of the screen in line with your working convenience.

Screenpresso Edit

The edit button allows you to open the taken screenshot in the Screenpresso built-in editor as well as Windows Photo Viewer, MS Office Picture Manager, Paint, Google Chrome. You can even select any application of your choice from “More”.

We have taken the screenshot of the home page of the Screenpresso website and opened it in the built-in Editor. As you can see, the Screenpresso editor boasts a no-frills, simple interface. Instead of adding taskbars left, right, and center, the developers have given all the options in the top menu.

Let’s see what editing features are offered on this menu.


You can draw eight different types of arrows on screenshots from here.


You can draw four different rectangles to enclose the content on the taken screenshot. You can also use a highlighting rectangle from this menu. It dims the image except for the rectangular selection. You can carry out the same edits with ellipse selection.


You can add text to the captured screenshots in eight different styles.

Speech Bubble

You can add six speech bubbles of different colors and shapes to the screenshots.


You can also add numerical and alphabetical indexing to the captured images.


You can also highlight the content on the images in a range of colors and with varying opacities.


You can also draw polygons on the taken screenshot in five different formats, including the one that highlights the selected region by dimming the rest of the image.

Free-Hand Drawing

You can also have free-hand labeling and drawing on the captured snippet.


You can also blur regions on the screenshot with rectangular selection.

Add Image

You can add an image from your device or symbols from the editor’s library to the screenshot.

Magnifying Glass

The second-last option on the menu allows you to draw magnifying glass on the taken screenshot. It is a great way to highlight and annotate content on the screenshot.


You can also highlight text or other content on the screenshot through brackets.

If you want to use some more useful editing features of Screenpresso built-in editor, click on Image on the top-left menu of the window. 

Screenpresso Publish

This option on the Screenpresso workspace allows you to upload the taken and edited screenshots to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Email directly. The developers also offer Screenpresso’s own cloud to upload your work on the internet.

Screenpresso Comparison and Alternatives

You can find dozens of third-party screen-capturing tools on the internet that can replace the built-in Windows tools. However, one can’t compare two random screen-capturing tools to know their best utility. Screenpresso is a tool that offers both screen-capturing and screen-recording and comes in free and paid versions.

Therefore, it is suitable to compare it with Snagit that also has more or less the same basic description.  We will use the benchmark of the built-in Snipping Tool to understand how Snagit and Screenpresso offer more functions as third-party screen-capturing tools.

ScreenpressoSnagitSnipping Tool
Captures still images as well as record videosCaptures still images as well as record videosOnly capture still shots
Editing and annotation is possible and sharing too but with some limitationsYou can edit and annotate the captured shots and share it across a host of platformsCan highlight and use free-hand marking on the still images and can only share captured shots through an email
 A freemium application – comes in both free and paid premium versionsPaid application with a free trial versionWindows built-in tool
Can grab the text in the paid version onlyCan grab the text in an editable form
A convoluted scrolling window capture optionCan capture both horizontally and vertically scrolling windows
A simple interface and easy to useThe video capturing feature can be a bit confusing for someAgile and easy to use

Screenpresso edges Snagit with its unrestricted free use for its limited version. Moreover, its built-in image editor is also on par with Snagit. However, Snagit outshines Screenpresso with its screen-recording, sharing and uploading features.

Pricing of Screenpresso

Screenpresso comes in three versions: free, pro, and enterprise. Both paid versions are one-time purchases and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Screenpresso Pro is available for $29.99, and Screenpresso Enterprise costs $2,190.  Pro version of Screenpresso is quite popular, so let’s see what more is being offered in this paid version.

Screenpresso FreeScreenpresso Pro
Video capture with Screenpresso branding and without audioVideo capture without any watermarks and with system sound recording
Only works on desktop devicesWorks on Android mobile devices as well
Single workspaceMultiple workspaces
Linear video recordingVideo recording with trimming and merging features
Limited image editingImage Editor with OCR and color picking functions

The Enterprise version is available for large deployments and comes with all the Pro features.

Download Screenpresso Screen Capture Tool for Free:

Screenpresso Extension

Screenpresso is also available as a Google Chrome Extension. You can add it to your browser from the Chrome Web Store. With the extension, you can take snippets and record screens on the internet directly from the browser and without opening the device application. The taken image/video will then be saved on the main workspace if you are already using the device version.


Screenpresso is a great free-of-cost option for screen-capturing as well as screenshot editing.  You can opt for the paid Pro version if you want to take clean video recordings of the screen and require frequent editable text grabbing from the images.

Ease of Use★★★★★
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