What is a Screenshot: The Uses and Benefits

Screenshot of a web programming application

Gone are the days when people would write down text, make photocopies, and take printouts to record information from their computer screens. The introduction of the screenshot feature in Windows and other modern operating systems has changed user behavior. Now, you can pass on the displayed information by taking its picture from within the computer.

So, what is a Screenshot?

Screenshot, also known as snapshot or screengrab, is an image file that displays the content of your computer screen at the time of the click. It has transformed the way we store, share, and keep information on our computers. Here, we will discuss some of the uses of screenshots that can help you both personally and professionally.    

1. Better Workplace Collaboration

Do you hate writing lengthy update emails to your coworkers about a project? The intelligent use of screenshot can save you from writing many such emails. Whether its the new app layout you want to show to your team or want to get their feedback on a catalog you have designed, all you need to do is to take a screenshot and send it over.

Similarly, pointing out issues and errors in the program you are writing by taking its screenshot and sending it to your coworker is way easier than trying to describe it in an email or going to their seat to tell them in person. Taking screenshots of stock performance charts rather than writing it in words is also a better way of communicating such information. In short, there are many ways you can use screenshots to streamline teamwork.      

2. Online Tutoring Becomes Easy

The other benefit of screenshots is they can make both online teaching and studying easy. If you are trying to learn about an app without using it through any blog or online tutorial, you can’t make sense of many things if they are not labeled with the respective screenshots. The use of screenshots can also come in handy with online tutoring of regular school subjects.

Instead of trying to solve a problem by explaining its steps verbally or through chat, the tutor can solve the problem on their computer screen and send its grab to students.

3. Make Digital Copies of Tickets, Coupons, and Passes

Screenshots are also an excellent way to make a digital copy of vouchers and tickets. Whether it’s a movie pass or plane ticket that you have bought online, having its screenshot and saving it in your handheld gadget gives you a peace of mind that you can still furnish digital copy if you lose it in hardcopy.

4. Help in Keeping Record of Online Shopping

Online shopping is more than common now. We all buy stuff online and sometimes even go overboard. You can keep your impulse buying in check by keeping track of your online shopping sprees. At every online checkout, take a screenshot. Although online stores send you receipt emails of your purchases, it isn’t very easy to keep track of them via your already overstuffed inbox. Also, the screenshot shows you the amount of money you have spent and the things you have bought without any verbosity, and this is part of the newsletter-cum-receipt emails sent by e-stores.

5. Download Images That Are Not Downloadable

Besides copyright reasons, many webpages
and sites have interfaces that don’t allow you to download and save images.
Whether it is a laugh-a-minute meme or any crucial piece of information in an
image format that you need but can’t download, you can always save them on your
device through screenshots.

Taking a screenshot is not a useless feature.
As you can see, there are many ways through which you can use screenshots to your

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